Welcome to Rescue a Golden

Our mission is for every Rescue Golden Retriever to find a new loving home

We are a team of experienced Golden Retriever owners who are dedicated to spreading awareness about rescues and how you can help to save Golden lives.

We aim to be the most comprehensive resource for Goldens online and hope to connect as many rescues as possible with a new adoptive family!

The Rescue a Golden Team

About Us

derek golden retriever

Derek the Golden

Head of Rescue

Derek is our lead Golden Retriever scout and is constantly on the lookout for more friends to rescue. He has over 11 years of experience to his name and is the head of our rescue operations.

James & Callum

Golden Retriever Enthusiasts

We are two brothers who have been passionate Golden Retriever owners for 10+ years and are now making it our mission to bring more visibility to Goldies in need. We are here to share our experience to help you learn everything you need to know about this very special breed!